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2012 MCell and CellBlender Workshop

Markus Dittrich presenting a lecture on MCell. Click image to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge.

From May 7-9, 2012 we held an MCell workshop at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. 18 particpants from around the country and local universities attended and learned about MCell and our new model creation and visualization tool CellBlender. In addition we introduced rule-based modeling capabilities which are currently being added to MCell and will be available in future MCell releases. All three days consisted of morning lectures and discussions, followed by hands-on tutorials and training in the afternoon (see agenda below).

Instructors were Tom Bartol (Salk Institute), Jacob Czech (NRBSC), Markus Dittrich (NRBSC), Jim Faeder (Univ. of Pittsburgh), and Jose Juan Tapia (Univ. of Pittsburgh).

Group photo.

A group photo of instructors and particpants. Click image to enlarge.